10 January, 2012

Back in the studio...

Yes, you are reading correctly.  Josh is back in the studio.  Of course, it still could be 4 years until we hear any new music, but I'm hopeful we'll get the new album without the 4 year wait we had for "Illuminations".

Josh's tweeted about his excitement of going back to the studio.

This particular tweet saw Josh receive a large number of suggestions, including a number that Josh retweeted including:

RT @SawyerGB: @joshgroban a radio comedy set in 1959 in Wales!

RT @Dracholos: @joshgroban Bacon. Record bacon.

RT @Symphanie_: @joshgroban Andrea bocceli's spaghetti commercial song, you know the one?

RT @theleslie: @joshgroban YOUR FACE. That's right. Find a way.

RT @adimike55: @joshgroban Record something to get our minds off of the damn Mayans. They are threatening to ruin baseball with their silly calendar.

Then he tweeted:

And finally:

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