22 January, 2012

Wish list....

So what's on your fan wish list & what have you been able to check off? Here's mine...


  1. Really nice completed wishlist!! :)

  2. Wait, is this YOUR wish list? If so, I'm more than intrigued by that last one!

    I've only checked off three from this list. I have much work to do....

  3. Suey - yes, I'm in the video in the crowd scene at the end. Talk about a bizarre moment when I watched it for the first time.

    1. So you didn't KNOW at the time you'd be in the video, and they just happened to use the crowd scene you are in? Wow that is so freaking cool! Lucky. :)

      If I ever get a chance to meet him I will need pointers on how to look into those big brown eyes and not faint, so... maybe someday, I'll be asking you that!

    2. Yep, it was totally random. It was pretty cold that night and I wasn't even sure if Josh would come out to sign. So when we saw Chris hanging around, we kind of thought that he must be signing. Obviously now it all makes total sense.


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