23 October, 2008

And here's one (ok, it's now two) more pics...

I'm officially dead... Thanks Groban!

Check out this UK website promoting Josh. And as an extra surprise, click on the pictures for 'extra large' versions of the new photos. Make sure you're sitting down.

Also, check out www.joshgrobanmusic.com

Check this out - this picture was in the October 2008 edition of Italian Men's VOGUE...

Hmmm, wonder if this is a booty text... (remember Blender)???

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  1. Bet you didn't notice that whoever put that piece together failed to notice the inconsistency?
    Josh's new cd - as stated on the cover with that gorgeous piccy says "A Collection" They've called it "THE Collection"
    I contacted them yesterday and pointed this out and they said they would change it - except they haven't. Typical!
    How subtle of Warners/Reprise too!
    Craftily changing the release date from November to 1st December.
    What do they take Grobanites for???? Don't answer that - there are idiots about who would jump at the chance to take a pot shot at us. All I can say now is - keep being vigilant, you never know the title and dates may change again!
    Jerusha xx


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