30 October, 2008

A busy couple of days...

After a busy weekend that included appearances at fund-raisers for OnexOne and the Carousel of Hope it was great to see a more 'casual' Josh taking to the stage at the Bridge School benefit. Anyway, here's a quick run-down of the various events Josh attended over the last weekend.

ONEXONE (San Francisco) - Thursday 23rd October

IMO, the red-carpet look wasn't a winner. The jacket just looked plain wrong (maybe it would've looked better if it had been un-buttoned), but I don't mind the hair cut. There was word that he wasn't feeling 100% so that might explain it...

Hmm, I wonder what he sang with the African Children's Choir???

CAROUSEL OF HOPE (Los Angeles) - Saturday 25th October
I'm liking this look a lot better than the OneXOne look, but then again, you can't really go wrong with a nice black suit. Also it looks like he made good use of some product in his hair this time around(LOL).

BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT (San Francisco) - Sunday 26th October
I really liked the casual approach to the wardrobe today. And to see Josh sing in his glasses was a nice and unexpected treat.

In what was a bit of a surprise, Josh joined the Smashing Pumpkins on stage to do a version of their classic song Disarm. Of course there are some SM fans that weren't that impressed, but I thought it was great...

Josh's set included You Are Loved (with an amazing new ending), February Song, a song by the Great Lake Swimmers called Changing Colors, America and then Harvest Moon with Neil Young.

From all reports, Josh was one of the few artists who took the time to interact with the kids who were on stage. As Chescaleigh said "You win at life..."

(BTW- To keep the size of this post down, I haven't included any of the amazing clips from this event that are up on YTube, but keep watching for my next post.)


  1. I like JG's look more at Bridge. He looks hip and young. :)

  2. yah that old school tuxedo jacket doesn't look on Josh's frame... that jacket just really doesn't work.


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