15 October, 2008

Heading across the pond (again)...

Looks like the UK/European Grobies are in for a treat as Josh is heading over to the UK to promote the release of the new CD.

This was posted on FoJG -

Josh will be releasing ‘Josh Groban – A Collection’ in the UK on Monday 17th November, a hand picked selection of his favorite songs.

If you live in the UK and would like to be first to know about all his UK activity, as well as being in with the chance to win exclusive prizes join his UK mailing list now.

And just to confuse matters, the post on JG.com says that it's being released on Monday 10th November. Good work WB!

It's Josh's 4th visit to the UK this year, so here are some highlights from his previous visits:

MAY - Classical Brit Awards & and the concert version of Chess.

February Song



JUNE - Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration in Hyde Park



AUGUST - Josh appeared on Last Choir Standing and the Charlotte Church Show (even though he sang my two least fav. songs). If you really need to see these performances again just go to this post (which should explain it all)...

And yes, I'm a little jealous (actually truth be told, probably a lot), so I'm hoping that Groban will spread the love with his fans in other locations such as Australia (of course this would be fabulous for me), South Africa, South America & Asia... I know it's probably wishful thinking but fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!!


  1. Talk about confusing!!!!
    You've stated 10th November, elsewhere it's 11th November and even more confusing 17th November as being the date for the "A collection" cd release here in the UK!
    We don't even know what dates Josh will be here - let alone make plans to see him (if that's possible). What a tease!!! "He's coming to the UK" statement is - and then leave it in the air!
    There is talk of prizes - really? Really! What, when where, how - we need answers not riddles!
    Come on TPTB - give some proper information, don't just dangle the carrot to get more people the sign up to join Josh's MySpace, treat us with respect and dignity - we deserve it!
    Love Jerusha xx

  2. It is confusing and I really did not see where he said anywhere that he would be In the UK or Europe to promote the CD.Am I missing something?

  3. The title of the post of FoJG is "JOSH GROBAN IN THE UK". It then goes onto say, if you live in the UK and would like to be the first to know about all his UK activity..., which to me certainly indicates he is heading over there for some promotion.

    This post was made after the original announcement of the release of the Josh Groban - A Collection.

    I'm sure further details will be posted on both FoJG and JG.com as soon as things are finalised.

    I made reference to the European grobies due to their 'close' proximity to the UK and the willingness of grobies to travel (almost anywhere) to see Josh. LOL


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