05 October, 2008

Josh Groban - A Collection...

There are no words - except this has to be one of the best album covers ever...

Post edited to add this-
Could someone please pick me up off the floor... (BTW - don't you just love photoshop?)


  1. You're absolutely right! This is a fantastic album cover. Josh not only saounds great and beautiful, he is Gorgeous to look at too! He's THUDDALICIOUS! Here we go again!!! As I pick myself off the floor again. That piccy should have a big RED WARNING attached to it to prevent people from hurting themselves when they drop to the floor - mouths open at this beautiful man.
    Love Jerusha xx

  2. "There are no words." How true - but that's because looking at that picture makes your heart stop beating and with no oxygen going to your brain it just dies. It IS beautiful!

  3. That picture is amazing. I hope we get to see more.

  4. oh you are love! thanks for the photo without the album title written across his chest! :P

  5. That photo...... THUD!!!

    Can't wait for the album.


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