26 September, 2010

Get tweeting (Part 2)...

I deleted my original post as there was confusion about what this is all about, so I've added some more detailed instructions which I hope make it a little clearer for everyone out there.

If you're on Twitter and update your status to include Josh Groban in your tweet, your Twitter avatar will be included in on Josh's wall of tweets on the opening splash page of his website.

Actually, it's even easier than I originally thought, all you need to do is submit a tweet with the words "Josh Groban" or even just plain old "Groban" in it.  Easy...  Then check out the splash page here.

(Just to be clear - this post isn't asking to leave your tweets in the comments section.  Instead just tweet the words Josh Groban in any tweet and they will show up.)

So get tweeting and spread the Josh.

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  1. That's kind of cool. After all our tweets are out for the world to see.


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