29 September, 2010

Pre-order your album now!!!!

After a long 4 year wait, we finally have a release date.

Illuminations will be released in the US on 15 November. International dates to come.

An exclusive fan edition is currently available for pre-order at store on Josh's website.

The package includes:
- 5.5" x 11" Collectible Folio wrapped in ivory linen with inner panels that contain:
**Illuminations CD with 14 new tracks
**DVD featuring the "Making of Illuminations"*
**48 page color photo book including lyrics, photos, & more with a special foreword from Josh
- 2 EXCLUSIVE BONUS Tracks + full album delivered digitally on release date

*Fan edition DVD is region free for international fans


  1. Why only the US? That's totally not fair to everyone else? What about the UK, South America, Europe and Canada?

  2. Its not only for the US. I preordered mine yesterday and i live in australia :D

  3. Hi Carol. The date in this post refers to the US release date. The album will be released internationally. Reports are already coming in that the European release date will actually be a few day before this on Nov. 12th. Australia will probably be the same.

  4. It sucks, I only have Paypal and no credit card I cannot order it :( I really want to.


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