01 September, 2010

We have an album name...

Yes, the worst kept secret on the internet has been revealed.

Josh's new album title will be "ILLUMINATIONS".

The announcement was 'exclusively' made on FoJG (Friends of Josh Groban), the paid member area of JoshGroban.com but it didn't stay an 'exclusive' for long as it very quickly spread over the new world of social media (twitter/facebook etc.).  It was subsequntly announced on the main (free) section of the site.

Just my opinion - but as a paying member of a fanclub, one of the promised benefits of joining is of exclusive content, and yes, I do find it a little disappointing that the exclusive nature of this announcement wasn't respected.  It's not like it was going to be kept a secret from the rest of the world forever.  But at the end of the day, it's the music on CD that I'm looking forward and won't care what it's called once it's in my hands and playing on my iPod.

And I love that how in Josh's own special way he handled the situation brilliantly.  Below are his tweets:
And yes, he even gave a shout out to his 'tentative' album name from back in July.


  1. Some of the comments on his Facebook page and Twitter were ridiculous. I can't believe there are some people who actually thought Josh was being serious wanting to name his album 'Not Retired'.

  2. can't wait till November-- the title is still growing on me, have to see it in the context of the whole album (the songs, the art work,the meaning of it to josh etc)--but oh so excited!!!

  3. I don't get wrapped up in the whole CD name thing. For me it's all about the music!


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