29 September, 2008

The Best Red Carpet Interview ever (Pt.2)....

In my previous post The Best Red Carpet Interview Ever, we saw Chescaleigh interview Josh on the Red Carpet at the Emmys. The highlight of this particular interview was when we were treated to, shall we say, the most unusual version of "You Raise Me Up" (who knew Josh squawking like a parrot would make me suddenly like YRMU again??")

Anyway, Franchesca was the winner of a YouTube contest to be a reporter on the Red Carpet and she's just posted this clip where she tells the world what her favorite red carpet moment was... Can you guess what it was (actually given the subject of this blog, you probably only need one...) Yep, the best part of her trip was her interview with Josh Groban. She even admits that she made up the Parrot singing YRMU but Josh went for it, and in her words "Josh wins at life".

This girl is a classic. I really hope we get to see more of her in the future!!!

(I secretly believe that Josh has a comical, possibly M15+ or R rated version of YRMU that he sings when he's with friends. But sadly, the citizens of Grobania will never hear it - much to my disappointment...)


  1. aaaaww! i just now found this post! thank you thank you!

  2. No, thank you Chescaleigh. It was brilliant!!!

    And BTW - I love your blog...


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