19 September, 2009

Glee - Behind the scenes...

The official Fox site for Glee has posted some behind the scenes footage from Josh's appearance on Episode 3 "Acafellas".

Sadly, I can't embed it in this post, but you can watch it here. (BTW - for some bizarre reason the video has an expiration date of 21 October, so you've got a month to watch it...)

Here are my some of my favorite lines -

"... and he was like "Yeah that's hilarious, could I be creepier???"

"It's OK... Josh is here!"

"Glee's Josh Groban is definitely more forward than regular Josh Groban"...

"You know it's not my fault I'm fabulous - it just happens!"

"It's Glee damn it... don't be afraid!"



  1. "You know it's not my fault I'm fabulous - it just happens".

    Ain't that the truth :-)

  2. Love the caption of "fabulous guest star".

  3. Josh, you are hilarious!! Love your sense of humor.

  4. Great screen-caps. I love Glee. I've heard they've been extended to do a full season. Wonder if they'll get Josh back?


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