19 September, 2009

Really... really???

If you follow Josh on Twitter - you might have seen this tweet a day or two ago:

** Wow trending topic and national enquirer in the same week?

Now it wasn't hard to determine that the "trending topic" referred to him making the Twitter "Trending Topics" list after his performance on Glee, but the reference to the national enquirer was a bit of a puzzle...

Well, it's been revealed that the 'font of all truth - The National Enquirer' (insert sarcasm here...) mentioned Josh in it's 28 September issue. This is what it said:

I've heard of singing for your supper, but it got ridiculous when JOSH GROBAN, lunching at the patio of LA's Joan's on Third, (nice place by the way) was rudely interrupted by two goofy girls who weren't about to settle for an autograph-instead, they literally fell to their knees as diners gawked, pleading: "Sing us a song, Josh….Please…..PLEASE!!" Looking helpless as the twenty-ish dingbats dissolved into sobs, Josh finally burst into song. When a crowd of Third Street passers-by congregated to enjoy the impromptu concert, Gentle Josh turned bright red, told a waiter to pack his chow in a doggy bag, and split.

Josh's twitter responses are below:

** For the record, no i did not break into song on the sidewalk because 2 girls begged me to. I did however have an amazing meatloaf sandwich.

** I couldn't finish it all so I put the rest in my "tips" hat and went home.

** Only because its the first time my name has ever been in print. RT@TheRealKrisKiss really?? u r responding to the national enquirer??


I bet in his wildest dreams, Josh never thought he would be the subject of a National Enquirer article. LOL


  1. Glad to see the National Enquirer is keeping up with it's reputation for being such a reputable source of information. LOL

    PS. I'm happy that Josh enjoyed his meatloaf sandwich...

  2. Good grief. Never did I think I'd ever see a story about Josh in the National Enquirer. He should feel honored.


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