10 September, 2009

Josh on Oprah (Pt.2)...

Memorable Viewer Surprise - The Josh Groban edition -

Josh Groban and Savanna

Savanna, a 22-year-old audience member, says Gayle's serenade is her favorite Oprah Show surprise of all time.

"I'm a huge Groban-ite, which is what they call themselves, all the Josh Groban fans," she says. "When I watch it, I just picture myself as Gayle, and I just start crying." If she were in Gayle's shoes, she says she would react the same way…or would she?

As Savanna stands facing Oprah, Josh walks out and surprises her! Tears run down her cheeks as she follows Josh on stage for a serenade of her own.

"I'd like to sing a song for you," Josh says to Savanna. "It's a song that means a lot to me, and today, it's for you."

"For all of you who love his music, [Josh] is as good, as kind, as gracious, as humble and as grand as his music," Oprah says.

Source - Oprah.com

(Reports are that the song Josh sang was "Awake")...

** EDIT - THE VIDEO IS UP AT OPRAH.COM (click here to watch). It's fantastic! And a backstage interview with Josh has been posted here.



  1. One lucky girl. The things that only dreams are made of.

  2. Savannah, you lucky girl!! Josh is so amazing....what a beautiful serenade!!


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