22 September, 2008

My Take – Josh Groban at the Emmys...

Seeing Josh Groban sing a mashed up medley of TV theme songs was the absolute best reason to stay home from work today. It was hilarious and was the perfect showcase for his comic genius, his incredible mimicry talents and of course his amazing voice!!!

In an interview he did before the big show he had this to say:

"Nothing I'm singing I've ever sung before, except for South Park with friends," Josh said before his live performance. "There's a lot of stuff that allows me to just be me, then there's a lot of stuff that allows me to let my multiple personalities to go play for a bit."

Seriously, that boy had so much fun and the way he just let go and allowed his multiple personalities to come out and play, just made my day...

He even had some fun on the red carpet (see this post).

And while I think of it – the best line from the red carpet was when Kathy Griffin told E!’s Ryan Seacrest: “I just saw Josh Groban on the red carpet. It’s got to hurt you that he gets so much more tail than you do!” LOL...

I know some ‘so-called’ critics weren’t that impressed with it, because it was so (in their words) cheesey. And yes, while it was cheeseball and kitchy, that’s what made it so brilliant. Josh didn’t hold back – Seriously, I don't know many other mutli-million selling recording artists would have been seen doing the Baywatch slo-mo run, the “robot” during “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and how can I forget his 'dancing' during The Love Boat.


Anyway, I think this is pretty much the full list of the songs he sang (or clicked his fingers to, or in the case of Law & Order just waited for the soundbite...)

The Simpsons
Friends (and yes, it did include the clap LOL)
Happy Days
The Golden Girls
Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
The Andy Griffith Show (and yes, he whistled)
The Love Boat (even with a little Groban-esque inspired dance)
Law & Order
The Adams Family
The Muppets (Josh does Animal)
X Files (No, take me!!)
South Park
The Jeffersons (with a choir. Guess they had to use them on something other than YRMU)
Baywatch Theme (with Josh running on the spot slo-mo style)
The Brady Bunch
Cops (Bad Boys – I'd do anything to hear the full version of this)
Law & Order
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (rap style with the lead in of a quiet "Oh God")
Introductions for Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Daily Show featuring Johnny Carson;
Two and a Half Men
Gilligan’s Island
M*A*S*H ("Suicide is Painless - Broadway style with chorus-line dancers)
The Carol Burnett Show (with an ear tug at the end by Josh)
** There was a quick flash of the Cheers picture right at the end but he didn't sing any of the theme song


  1. The only I thought is that it seemed a little rushed...

  2. Yep, it was rushed, but he did have a lot to fit in. ;-)


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