14 September, 2008

OMJ - Josh Groban has legs....

This was apparently in a magazine called "In Touch". Of course, I could be totally wrong, but I think he's wearing the same shorts as for the In Style" article so it that's the case then it's probably from the same photoshoot.

The little blurb that was written states: Josh's Malibu Retreat... Singer Josh Groban, here hanging out by the luxurious pool at his Malibu home, goes off the deep end more than people thing! "I'm not as serious as I'm made out to be," he says. Josh fell in love with this house instantly two years ago. After moving in, he enlisted the help of this interior designer mom, Lindy, to help turn his backyard into an outdoor oasis. Says Josh, "It's like an instant vacation out here."

There's also an insert picture of Kid Rock...Kid Rock comes to visit...Josh, who says his parties are often poolside events, has famous neighbors like David Spade and Kid Rock, who spend time there. Josh has been known to heat up the grill and make turkey burgers for everyone!

This is the original article:

The In Style article:


  1. that pic of josh in the pool...is that real or photoshopped? I have never seen it before.

  2. That's sooooo cute.

  3. I love a man with hairy legs.

  4. Never seen what his legs look like. Shirtless??


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